Just 140 characters but so many stupid tweets

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IT’S not my habit or inclination to go quoting Tory Prime Ministers but credit where it’s due.

It was David Cameron who said: “Too many Tweets make a tw*t”.

Indeed they do, and he should know.

The ability to make instant, on the record comment 24-hours a day, in any state of anger or intoxication is inevitably going to lead to trouble.

Especially with footballers who say more about themselves in 140-character tweets than they do about anyone else.

Ashley Cole, never the most judicious of men off the football pitch, has landed himself in it yet again.

Last week he was slagging off the FA for their treatment of John Terry over his infamous racist language punishment and now he’s commenting on Shearer’s Match Of The Day musings on Ashley’s current problems.

Shearer insisted that the FA need to make a stand against Cole for his abuse and drop him for England’s World Cup qualifier on Friday night.

“I think the FA can put a big statement out here by actually not fining him but actually banning him on Friday against San Marino,” said Shearer.

Cole’s response through a retweet referred to Shearer’s controversial kick to the face of Neil Lennon back in April 1998 when he was playing for Newcastle.

It’s all a bit playground name-calling but shouldn’t someone - their managers, agents, wives, mums and dads - be telling players that it’s probably better for their careers if they don’t make complete twits on Twitter every five minutes?

I know the world’s changed since then but does anyone think that Jimmy Greaves and Joe Baker would have been bothered to tweet about each other after a game?

Not while there was a bar open they wouldn’t.

Footballers and the population generally don’t tend to go in pubs like they used to.

They therefore miss a certain level of tittle-tattle, gossip and back-biting that used to go on in tap rooms and lounges everywhere and occasionally end up with two blokes wrestling in the car park with their girfriends in tears holding slowly congealing pie and chips for two and screaming at each other.

Now its a tweet or a re-tweet instead of a whisper at the bar.

One may be able to deny those careless whispers but not brainless tweets that end up as a back page lead in the Sun.

Surely it has to be a priority for clubs to stop their players tweeting on football matters?

Is it really too difficult for players to stop themselves commenting on controversial issues?

Talking of priorities Leyton Orient on Saturday turned out to be a good day for Blades, at least on the pitch.

The wooden away stand at the Matchroom - or should that be Matchwood - Stadium is not the best-loved in the country and has been dubbed ‘the worst stand I’ve ever been in by one’ by at least one Blade who’s been watching United since the 1960s.

On the way in on Saturday security guards were taking the tops off fans’ water bottles as is the modern way - even if you’re an elderly lady.

They were also tipping out handbags as part of airport-style security checks.

No matter that 2,500 people were stepping on to an antiquated fire hazard of a stand, just make sure you get those bottle tops eh lads?