It’s a Banker for the Houghton crew

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Prolific Bank End is rapidly becoming a firm favourite with the Houghton crew. Rob Burgin led the way with 60 F1 carp for 117 pounds at Peg 5.

He caught shallow on pellet to beat Paul Turner drawn on fancied Peg 22 for Houghtomn Main AC at Bank End West Lake

Result: 1. R Burgin 117-1; 2. P Turner 105-7; 3. G Craven 92-14; 4. R Chorlton 61-15; 5. A Fisher 52-1; 6. A Wilburn 50-7.

Sheffield Friday Club, Oaktree Fishery: A comfortable win for Steve Newbound who caught early on using chopped worm and caster on long pole tactics before a switch to pellet on the inside line saw him really step up the pace. Peter Nicklin was best of the rest.

Result: 1. S Newbound 57-13; 2. P Nicklin 38-15; 3. M Buckler 31-7; 4. R Thompson 23-10; 5. D Staniland 22-2; 6. F Driver 21-6.

Sheffield Friday Club, Barnburgh Lakes, Bottom Lake: There were lots of happy faces during and after this match as Mick Buckler hammered out almost 120 pounds of F1 carp to lead an impressive frame.

Result: M Buckler 119-2; 2. T Smith 102-0; 3. G Parkes 90-8; 4. G Mathews 90-4; 5. S Newbound 77-14; 6. F Driver 76-8.

Blackburn & Wincobank Conservative Club, Barnburgh Lakes, Top Pond, Secretary’s Venue Rating 8/10: Good fishing conditions produced one of those ‘can’t put your finger on it’ days where anglers were perhaps expecting a little bit more ,suggested the match secretary.

But that didn’t prevent Tom Golland from racking up his annual Barnburgh win.

Three years in a row now and having a spare peg did him no harm as he caught a succession of small carp on worm.

Result: 1. T Golland 55-15; 2. S Bennett 41-10; 3. V Sheldon 36-14; 4. A Compton 32-8; 5. A Devlin 30-9; 6. S Scales 22-7.

Norton House Country Club, Lewden Springs: It was an unlucky day for most but not winner Stewart Lucas who, despite finishing with thirteen-thirteen of ide to two-and-a-half pounds, can at least feel that the luck was with him.

It almost doubled Dave Tollerfield’s second highest weight on a day when the venue’s carp were noticeably absent.

Result: 1. S Lucas 13-13; 2. D Tollerfield 7-14; 3. D Elliott 7-10; 4. K Mitchell 6-13; 5. R Mitchell 6-6; 6. P Shaw 4-9.

Ranch Fishing Club, Westwoodside Fishery: A warm wind can make all the difference to catch rates at this time of year especially if it happens to blow right into your peg as it did for Paul Massey on Peg 2.

He took full advantage to net over 80lbs of carp to 6lb on pole and meat. Omar Munaser was best of the rest a long way behind.

Result: 1. P Massey 80-11; 2. O Munaser 31-11; 3. L Jones 21-6; 4. F Munaser 18-8; 5. S Foster 17-14; 6. J Meegan 15-9.

Highgate AC, Bank End Fisheries: A welcome win for Neil Stones fishing meat and JPZ pellets on the pole at 5 metres to take carp, skimmers and ide but he was chased to the finish line by Mick Humphries who put 50lbs of fish in the net during the final hour and might have caught Stones if the match had lasted another half hour.

Result: 1. N Stones 89-11; 2. M Humphreys 79-11; 3. I Thompson 78-7; 4. J Hall 67-1; 5. J Andrews 60-5; 6. S Sanders 59-14.

Highgate AC, Tyram Hall: It was the early and late show for Jamie Hall who had five carp in the first hour topped off with a further 10 in the last.

He caught carp to 8lb on 3 discs of 8mm punched bread at Peg 10.

Result; 1. J Hall 110-12; 2. J Feast 65-6; 3. M Day 51-9; 4. J andrews 45-0; 5. W Cappel 32-14; 6. M Humphreys 28-5.

Hind AC, Aston Springs: A disappointing match for the Hind after heavy overnight rain turned the water to the colour of mud.

The influx of cold water killed any hopes of high weights as catches plummeted.

Danny Johnson coasted home catching small roach, ide and skimmers on maggot at 11 metres but he had the misfortunes of runner-up Brian Gregory to thank.

Gregory was happy catching small carp down the edge until he ran into problems, losing a succession of much bigger fish.

Result: 1. D Johnson 25-11; 2. B Gregory 16-3; 3. S Lambley 14-13; 4. K Hill 14-11; 5. D Czajkowski 8-5; 6. A Coultas 4-9.

Princess Royal AC, Aston Park Fisheries, Bills Lake: Sport on one of the new lakes didn’t benefit from flat calm and hot conditions.

John Lee’s winning catch was made up with tiny carp caught on worm.

Result: 1. J Lee 16-0; 2. L White 11-2; 3. R Holmes 10-8; 4. M Burke 9-1; 5. J White 8-12.

Thurnscoe Coronation AC, Messingham Sands, Tripp Lake result: 1 Tony ‘Spooler’ Brooks 43-0; 2. B Hardman 40-0; 3. M.cunliffe 38-0; 4. A Danforth 36-0.

Sprotborough Nomads, Hayfield Fisheries, Adams Lake result: 1. Tony Warren 94-4; 2. R Shone 66-8; 3. R Chambers 33-0; 4. S Nellis 29-0; 5. K Standage 26-8; 6. P Griffin 22-8.