It’ll be a contrast in style - if only on the touchline!

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THE atmosphere surrounding the little tete-a-tete coming up in S6 a week on Sunday is building nicely.

Indeed, we’re getting towards the ‘can’t wait for it’ stage although that feeling probably heightens after this weekend’s games.

There are so many strands to next week’s game not least people touching on the contrast in styles of play between the two teams.

Danny Wilson’s United side is earning a ‘footballing’ reputation; they are prepared to pass it and be patient if and when required.

Gary Megson’s Wednesday are on a different tack although I think it is entirely disrespectful to label it, as some critics seem to be doing, as ‘hoofball’.

I recall, and said so when he took over, Megson’s West Brom side being one of the best three I saw during Rotherham United’s four-year sojourn in The Championship in the last decade.

I didn’t doubt he’d get Wednesday pointing in the right direction again either.

But it’s not the contrast in playing styles that intrigues me right now. But the contrasting styles of the managers on the touchline.

No one needs reminding of the Megson method on the sidelines.

Shouting, urging, directing, pointing, waving. Seemingly always projecting something out towards the pitch. Hardly ever still for want of bawling out the next bit of instruction/advice/criticism/praise.

Contrast it with Wilson’s touchline persona at last Saturday’s game against Wycombe.

Now this was a game virtually of (United) attack v (Wycombe) defence. In such games, when a goal doesn’t come, it can be easy for the frustration to mount. Particularly, as was the case in the first half, United weren’t doing certain things as Wilson hoped and expected.

So, what did he do. He simply stood there. Arms folded.

He appeared to be quite relaxed. Perhaps this exuded an air of calmness which, maybe, transmitted itself to the players.

There appeared no outward sign of the frustration that might well have been welling up inside. The odd word, it appeared, he had but he might have been watching the waves roll in - which, considering the way the game went, rather described United’s attacking.

Whether Wilson becomes more animated at Hillsborough next week remains to be seen.

We know what will be happening in the other dug-out although, in that din, making himself heard much beyond the near touchline will test even Megson’s vocal chords.

Which way is the right way? Who knows and even winning doesn’t make it so does it?

But lose and you know what happens... one’s acting like a lunatic on the touchline. The other is hammered for just standing there doing nothing.

Really, they can’t win - unless they do!

n That little Rotweiler Carlos Tevez should think himself lucky.

He’s says that he’s been treated like a dog by Roberto Mancini.

Now, I’ve never had a dog but all the dogs I’ve ever known have been treated wonderfully well by their owners.

A dog’s life I think it’s called.

Which, it appears, is what Carlos has been having just lately. Back in his home land, with his family, playing golf - and getting paid as well.

Anybody want to come back as a dog?