I'm no cheat says Witter

JUNIOR Witter today hit back at a sensational slur that he cheated his way to world title glory - courtesy of a mysterious "injection."

Tuesday, 11th September 2007, 2:53 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th September 2007, 9:49 am

Beaten opponent Vivian Harris bizarrely accuses the South Yorkshire-based WBC light welter champion of:

n Being injected with an unnamed substance into his blood stream;.

n Having his hands illegally taped;.

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n Being aided by his corner jumping into the ring before the final KO count had ended.

Today Witter, who has homes in Doncaster and Sheffield, said: "It is a pity he has to try and make excuses for himself, as if there is someone else to blame. He made excuses the last time he was knocked out. He has given me something to laugh at, but in a way, it's sad, and bad for the sport.''

Harris, back home in New York after the defeat at Doncaster Dome alleged on an American website: "It was all shady. The day before the fight he (Witter) was losing weight to make the weight. Then on the night of the fight he's bigger and stronger than me. I don't know if they injected him with stuff.

"But the first time I got hit I started getting bruised; he (was) fighting like he was a puncher. He's never beaten any one of my calibre so for him to hit me with shots like that and hurt me, something was wrong."

Harris added: "I was stronger than him until the night of the fight. Then I was weak and he was so powerful. Something went wrong in that dressing room...with his blood and I hope we get a urine or a blood test.

"I got set up. They did what they had to make him win by injecting him with whatever they had to."

Witter, who insists he has been drug free all his life, added: "The suggestion that somebody can have an injection that make somebody bigger overnight is laughable - it would sell like hot cakes!

"He just couldn't cope with my speed and the power. He found out I hit a lot harder than it looks"

Harris also claimed that his corner were not allowed to supervise Witter's hands being wrapped.

Witter said: "The Board of Control (and WBC inspectors) supervise that and their corner could have watched if they'd have wanted."

Today, veteran trainer Brendan Ingle said: "Both boxers underwent a drug test - so that answers that. As far as Junior's strength goes he has to realise: we are good at what we do here." His son Dominic said it was sour grapes, adding: "Harris has just never been hit that hard by anybody before."

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