Wood excited by Steelers anniversary

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THE MAN who brought top class ice hockey to Sheffield is flying half way round the world to be at the Steelers’ 20th birthday celebrations.

Ronnie Wood was the Arena club’s first general manager in 1991 and his part in the colourful, enduring story of Steelers is sometimes overlooked.

Club official Dave Simms had spent all his 20th anniversary budget arranging to fly in former players from all over the world.

But Wood did not want to miss out...and is paying his own way from his home in South Africa.

Wood initially joined Steelers from Solihull Barons in 1991. In a few weeks he filled the Arena with up to 11,000 fans - many of whom who had never seen the sport before.

”They were crazy days when you look back on them,” said Wood. “Time moves on and I moved on, but you can never forget what we achieved in Sheffield, we turned the city hockey crazy. We excited people, we put a smile on peoples faces and of course we won, that helped When Simmsy contacted me, I didn’t think long about coming over. It will be the last chance to get all these faces in one place.”