Winners get Star tickets for Arena season opener

Colt King - one on the quiz question answers!
Colt King - one on the quiz question answers!
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Sheffield Steelers’ big home face-off for the new Elite League campaign is coming your way soon...and 10 Star readers will be watching it for free.

Recently, we asked fans to come up with a list of Steelers players names which matched a particular category.

It is safe to say the response was one of the biggest off any competitions we have run since the club was formed in 1991. We were inundated!

Many shared the same category, yet came up with different answers. Several members of the same families competed against each other by taking part.

In the end, we narrowed it down to a short list and picked five winners to share the pairs of Panther tickets. These winners will be contacted by the Steelers’ office - but you can make yourselves known to them. Thanks for taking part - and let’s hope the match is as successful as this quiz was!


Graham Webster: Music Vince Boe: Alfie, Phil Rodrigo: Joaquin, David Graham: Eve (New Seekers,) Lee Haywood: Justin (Moody Blues)

Jeffrey Law: Alcoholic Drinks: Rhett Gordon’s, Scott Champagne, Chris Bailey’s, Dean (John) Smith’s, Colt 45 King.

Tom Oldale: Blue Peter presenters Steve Ellis, Nate Leslie, Phil Hill, Mark Thomas, Tim Salmon, Paul Jones

Mark Neale: Food: Derek Campbell’s Soup, Jeremy Cornish Pasty, Lee Haywood’s Pickles, Les Millie’s Cookies, Doug Sheppard’s Pie

Barbara Hayes: Religion: Trevor Prior(a Prior is one rank below an Abbott in a monastic order) Jeff Christian, Jonathan Zion, Neil Abel (son of Adam and Eve) Kip Noble (the four Noble truths of Buddhism.) Barbara adds: “I did consider Dwight Parrish and Ken Priest(lay) but played safe!”

Meanwhile, Steelers have hinted they are considering adding another skater to their roster.