Why three rats are terrifying Steelers’ rivals!

Lethal form: Tyler Mosienko and his 'rink rat line' partners Rob Dowd and Jonathan Phillips
Lethal form: Tyler Mosienko and his 'rink rat line' partners Rob Dowd and Jonathan Phillips
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Tyler Mosienko loves his “rink rat” line playing alongside Rob Dowd and Jonathan Phillips.

The Sheffield Steelers unit were in lethal form last weekend - culminating in a hat-trick for the Canadian on Sunday, against Braehead Clan.

“We are three rats together – I’ve never seen guys pursue pucks like Jonno and Dowdy do” says Mosienko.

“It’s the way we all play and by doing that we create chances, good scoring chances.

“It’s the major theme of our line I guess, we have found good chemistry. Jonno and I have played together all year but Dowdy has given us more energy and movement. We try and be relentless out there, that is playing to all of our strengths. Our line did what the team needed us to do and helped us pick up four points. It was just what we needed.

“It helps moves us up the standings and with the games in hand we are in a good position. My three goals were all different but all made off good plays. Eddy with one, Jonno with another. It fell for me, another night it will be someone else. It makes us dangerous because on any night anyone of us could have a night like I did against Braehead.”

Sheffield Steeldogs, still without player coach Andre Payette, are trying to adjust to some new systems to shore up a side missing several other players.

The EPL team had a mixed weekend, losing 4-3 at Bracknell in the League, before crushing Billingham 10-1 in the slightly odd “Crossover Cup” competition.

After the defeat, Jeff Legue said: “It was our first game with some new systems and we made some mistakes. It was disappointing to lose but we can take some positives from the game”.

Referring to the Cup win Legue said: “The young guys got some good minutes, Cole Shudra played a regular shift and we had Tom Barry and Ben Jones on defence. Guys jumped in and played well. Brad Day played really well in goal”.

Craig Elliott,who had been out for weeks with an injury came back for Sunday’s game and staked assists on four goals.

“We figured it would be good to get him back skating and into some game shape, so we played him tonight.

“I told him no checking, just play your position. The line of Gibson, Calvert and Elliott was back together and they played hard and smart. They have played together for a few years and they’ve got great chemistry .”