Why Sheffield Steelers should pick Adams now

Sheffield Steelers' interim coach Gerad Adams.
Sheffield Steelers' interim coach Gerad Adams.
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If Sheffield Steelers win both games this weekend, they will have secured maximum points from six out of their seven games under the command of short-term coach Gerad Adams.

Wins over Edinburgh and Hull would propel them into the final two games of the regular season and on into the Play off quarter finals.

Such a run of form would be a welcome change from some of the inconsistent patches that have blighted this season. But, actually, it could mean a whole lot more.

Adams has a deal seeing him to the end of the season, having been brought in following the dismissal of coach Doug Christiansen.

Yet history has shown us that Steelers need a coach working on forward planning right now...plotting next season’s programme and team roster, as well as this. Steelers need someone to tie down players they want to retain and those they want from other clubs.

Does Adams deserve that shot? Let’s have look at how Adams has influenced things so far.

Putting the run of form aside, he’s brought simplicity and fun back to the Steelers’ play and locker room.

Players like Tim Spencer, who may have had second thoughts under Christiansen, want to come back. Players who were coming back anyway, like Dustin Kohn and Frank Doyle, will be even more content with their two-year deals.

Adams has not shirked away from dealing with weaknesses in the side, not least of all the team-wide psychological freefall when things are going badly on the ice. He has a “just go out and play” mentality, albeit framed by the need for a sensible defensive mindset.

For me, he deserves the shot. He should be awarded the security of the Steelers’ coaching job for next season...and sooner rather than later.

Bob Westerdale