We might not know a lot about the new Sheffield Steelers’ coach. But at least we now know he’s not an “assh**e.”

Aaron Fox says his personal style as new coach of Sheffield Steelers will be to adapt to the circumstances...although generally speaking, he's not an assh**e.

The American takes over from Tom Barrasso, whose own style was sometimes difficult to define...told older man appeared robotic on some occasions, but always totally driven to win.

Asked about his personal style, by The Star, Fox replied: "It is situational. You are probably going to see a bit of everything throughout the year, I am a communicator. I'm really not an assh**e, if you will."

It would not be a one-size-fits-all situation: individual players needed different things to stimulate them, he explained.

Aaron Fox

But he wasn’t a “screamer.”

Describing his own role as a recuriter he said he had previously used a process of bringing players in for low money in Russia and central Europe beofore moving them on to bigger money once they'd proved themselves.

"There is a network of players that I have had at the KHL level or at the Austrian League level that I think could be an option for a cople of these spots here, that would really help us" said Fox.

He added they might not come to Sheffield but for his relationship with them.