Tanner Eberle: Watch Sheffield Steeler re-enact bizarre pre-match motivational speech

Is this the weirdest pre-match motivational speech in sport?

Sheffield Steelers' forward Tanner Eberle always delivers an incomprehensible stream of consciousness before his team skates on to the ice.

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It might not be the most lucid or structured presentation.

In fact, it barely makes any sense whatsoever.

But the ritual in the players' tunnel seems to work.

After all, the team is two points clear at the top of the league and gunning for three EIHL trophies.

So what's behind the near-gibberish that Eberle hollers before ice hockey games?

Tanner Eberle, pic by Dean Woolley.

"I've been doing it for a few years," he said.

"I just yell a bunch of random stuff and then I yell: 'Charge,' for us to get going on the ice.

"I've been doing it for a few years, the boys like it so I've kept it going!"

It's not doing the Canadian much harm either.

Tanner Eberle and fan.

After coming back from an eight-game injury absence, the 28-year-old has picked up his game significantly.

Steelers' official Dave Simms said: "We have some big characters in our roster and Tanner is definitely one of them.

"As for his speeches before warm-up - well, nobody understands a word!"

Meanwhile, Steelers have re-opened their doors to Maltby's Liam Kirk, the NHL hopeful injured while playing in America, earlier this season.

Liam Kirk.

Kirk tore his anterior cruciate ligament skating for American Hockey League outfit Tucson Roadrunners and is now rehabilitating.

Coach Aaron Fox said: "He is coming in, in the morning, before the guys get in, and using the facilities here (Sheffield Arena) and going through some stuff.

"He is a Steeler so when he reached out to ask if he could come in and use the facilities it was absolutely a no-brainer."