VIDEO: Sheffield Steelers’ Spencer happy to repay trust

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Winger Tim Spencer is flattered that his Sheffield Steelers’ coach had the faith to convert him into an important defensive role.

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Tim Spencer

Tim Spencer

The Canadian has filled in on the blue line after a collection of injuries to team-mates.

And a five match ban on Gord Baldwin for kicking Belfast Giants’ Jeffrey Szwez suggests his blue line duties will remain his prime focus.

Spencer said the switch had been a” hard adjustment, you really appreciate your D and how hard it is back there”

But the player prides himself on his general defensive qualities without ever playing as a D-man.

“It is a nice opportunity, I can ‘play big,’ block shots. I am not one of the fastest players so it’s nice to keep guys to the outside, and when the play goes down I can join the rush, and have that little offensive upside to my game.

“I was excited in the confidence and trust shown in me to go back there. It opens up opportunities and I am grateful that he (coach Doug Christiansen) had the trust in me to go back there.”

Spencer, 27, came with a reputation as an enforcer. And while it has been a little “tame” on the ice, lately, he says: “I’d like to get back to that, give the fans some more action.”

Baldwin was accused of stamping on Szwez after he’d scored, last Saturday.