VIDEO Sheffield Steelers: shape up or changes will happen

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Steelers coach Gerad Adams admits his offensive changes have not worked and says the new players he brought in are among a pool of skaters that have to improve.

Asked directly if the modifications he’d made had gone to plan, the Sheffield boss replied: “The simple answer is they haven’t worked, purely results wise.

Sheffield Steelers v Nottingham Panthers

Sheffield Steelers v Nottingham Panthers

“I think they will work, they should work, I believe in those players but as of right now if you were going off points since they arrived, well no. It hasn’t worked.”

Jeff Legue scored at Coventry on Sunday and has 2+2 in seven games. Danny Bois, in 11 games, has scored twice in one game against Hull, but has failed to find the net since.

“Both those guys are in a large group of players who need to be better; they are older guys who know they need to be better. They need to improve” said Adams.

Generally, Adams says further changes to the roster are not ruled out. “There will be an option, I think, going forward hopefully -if guys aren’t willing to compete.

“This isn’t a threat message, this is part of our team ethos right from the get-go so this is nothing new for the players, and yes it will definitely be spoken about.

“The group in there (locker room) got to the first place, they did the easy bit, we didn’t do the hard bit and stay there.”

Steelers host Dundee in the second leg of the Challenge Cup quarter final tomorrow night, aiming to build on a 3-0 first leg lead.

Adams, unequivocally, says that the Challenge Cup final was being played at Sheffield Arena this year and the team is focused on getting there.

“We plan to be there and we plan on winning that game (final.) But we are going to take it step by step.”

Adams said it is important that his players have now banished thoughts of their last two Arena performances from their mind.

He described Dundee as: “extremely short-handed. They sit back quite a bit, they just look to create lucky breaks by getting pucks in behind you and rely on other teams not being focused and not disciplined in their play.”

He added: “We have lost our identity, our discipline, on so many levels. If we are able to keep our discipline, keep our third forward in support of our defencemen, we can still create a lot of offence.”

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