VIDEO Sheffield Steelers birthday boy celebrates!

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Danny Meyers must have felt that all his birthdays had come at once.

He’s scored and assisted for the first time this season, for Sheffield Steelers. And his haul against Cardiff Devils came on his 31st birthday too.

Danny Meyers - Sheffield Steelers' birthday boy

Danny Meyers - Sheffield Steelers' birthday boy

Now he hopes that feelgood factor will remain a constant as Steelers play tonight at Dundee Stars ahead of the Play Offs.

Speaking on video at defenceman Meyers acknowledged it had been “a while” since he’d collected two points in a game. He said earlier in the day: “My son woke me up and said ‘It’s your birthday you have got to score today. To be honest he’d have been better off asking me to get a winning lottery ticket! First shift I managed to shoot the puck on net and it went in so I skated to the corner to celebrate with my two boys. It was a really cool moment.”

Meyers said he thought the manner of Steelers’ win at Nottingham Panthers last Saturday was something worth cherishing.

“It was very impressive to outshoot them 47-17; incredible.”

Last weekend’s results coincided with Gerad Adams taking over coaching duties, he is the season-long replacement for Doug Christiansen.

Comparing the two, he said that with only six weeks left in the season dams hadn’t made any fundamental changes.

“He has kind of just let us play and he’s obviously had his input, changed some minor things, but other than that not too much, but we are playing with a lot of confidence and, now, a lot of freedom.

“Our pre-games tend not to be about the opposition too much and he kind of want us to just go and express ourselves.”

So, is there more freedom on the ice now?

“That’s more of a question for the forwards” said Meyers. “But obviously we have scored quite a few goals lately so that maybe is the case, but we are enjoying our hockey right now, its certainly a lot of fun coming to the rink.

“We are certainly feeling a lot better right now, winning games helps, we’ve been through an awful lot this year. We have really bonded together.

“At times it really hasn’t been fun but we have stuck together and it’s all the more enjoyable now that we are winning that we are able to enjoy these moments with each other. What better way to finish the season than to win the play offs? It would be a tremendous achievement.”