Video: “I wanted more”: Tom Barrasso reflects on league results and the new role for Jordan Owens

Tom Barrasso has implied that his Sheffield Steelers' team may have been in a stronger position had he been in charge from the beginning of the season.

The coach took over from Paul Thompson and has taken the team to six games over the ‘50-50’ equal win-loss threshold...but today they stand in a lowly seventh position in the EIHL.

Last weekend, was typical of the season-long rollercoaster - winning and then losing.

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Asked about his 50-plus games in charge of the team, he reflected: "You'd always liked for more. I look back at some of the games we have lost individually against teams that you'd like to think you'd have competed harder against. Those points evaporated, which if we had some of those we'd be in a slightly stronger position in the standings.

"But at the end of the day, you are what your record says you are."

Barrasso, whose league career with Steelers ends next weekend, ahead of the playoffs, said he had been able to take the team, at least, over the "500" level and that had they had that ratio "from the beginning I think we would have been in a different spot than we are at the moment.

"We are not done, we still have to keep working to get better."

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The coach has been happy with the move of Jordan Owens from wing to defence.

Speaking after Saturday's win over Milton Keynes Lightning, he said: "He has got some history of playing it, back when he was younger.

"We started him on the very first practice with the anticipation that Ben (O'Connor) would not be available for us.

"So he practised all week back there and looked good and in all honesty, I thought he played a terrific game.

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"He seemed enthused about it (the switch.) And that is one of the reasons why I left him there all week, regardless of Ben's status.

"Jordan is a very good skater he is very smart player and is sound defensively.

“All things that would contribute to being able to be a solid defenceman."