Tom Squires says no to Steelers’ plan

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TOM SQUIRES has signed for Sheffield Steeldogs after turning down a chance of a ‘two-way’ contract with Telford Tigers.

Steelers’ coach Ryan Finnerty wanted the 20-year-old winger to remain a club asset, but be loaned out to the EPL Shropshire club, to gain more experience.

Finnerty said: “We’d lined up a double-your-money deal for Tom (the player getting paid by each club) but he didn’t like our development plan and decided to walk away and make his own decisions. I have no idea why he didn’t go with it. It’s the wrong decision, we had his best interest at heart and the owner stepped to the plate in a way that no other owner would have done in this league.

“We believe in Tom but felt he needed to get away from Sheffield for a year and develop himself on a two-way contract.

“Players like Ben Davies and Robert Lachowicz have done this and come back to be stars.”

Dogs coach Andre Payette believes Squires has made the right choice, however.

“It’s not a step back for Tom, he needs to play and score goals and he’ll do all that here.

“He fits our ‘Made in Sheffield’ image. We’ll build him up in the gym and he’ll play the Steeldogs’ way - hard and physical.”

Steelers expect to re-sign Lee Esders this week.