The Sheffield Steeler star who never was

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IT MUST be the shortest contract in the history of ice hockey.

Steelers have had to release Adam Huxley from his deal...after he was in it for less than 48 hours.

Coach Ryan Finnerty had hoped hard-case Huxley would be the “policeman” in next season’s team, signing him earlier this week.

But Finnerty revealed: “Adam has had a change of (personal/family) circumstances which means that for the short term he has to remain in North America. He knew he had signed a deal but I wasn’t going to force a player to play here.

“His circumstance had changed unexpectedly. That happens and as disappointed as I was to let him go we didn’t really have an option.

“He was as upset as we are, but this is out of people’s hands really. We wish him well, he’s been a pleasure to deal with and I’m not so sure we haven’t seen the last of him. He is already talking about next year and I certainly wouldn’t rule that out.”

Steelers will now continue their search for the final signing - but change emphasis slight.

“When Huxley came into our minds we changed our thoughts on the remaining signings and bought our toughness in up front. Now we will go back to plan A and look for a big D man” said Finnerty. Things change on a daily basis though, you have to have an open mind to all situations.”