Team strength is essential: captain

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Steelers skipper Jonathan Phillips puts team unity ahead of personal achievement every year - and this season won’t be any different.

“If I had signed for other teams when I left Cardiff Devils eight years ago I might have scored more goals, more points and maybe played on more offensive line. I wouldn’t have won more trophies though” he says.

“I think the same applies to the likes of Jason Hewitt and Mark Thomas as well. Right from arriving here (then-coach) David Matsos started a theme that we have all abided to. I think Ben Simon appreciated it as did Ryan Finnerty and Doug Christiansen.

“The message has always been team first. As individuals we’ve all made sacrifices for the greater good. That could be playing more defensive when needed, blocking shots, killing penalties...whatever was required.

“I don’t regret coming here for one moment. We have trophies to show for it and I’m confident we will win more.”

The winger added: “Our Brit pack is inclusive as well, when imports arrive there isn’t a ‘them and us.’ We all wear the same shirt, go into battle together. We try and be one group No stars, one team all doing a job for each other.

“That was also the message Steven Goertzen preached last season as captain so it won’t be anything new this season.”

Steelers host Coventry Blaze in a friendly on Saturday.