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IT’S DOGS v Cats at iceSheffield Sunday.

Sheffield Steeldogs stage their first home game of the regular season against Swindon Wildcats (5.30pm) following a match away tonight at the Wiltshire rivals.

Player coach Andre Payette wants to kick off Steeldogs’ campaign with four points in the double-header.

He said “We will be one of the league’s top defensive teams this season, but Swindon have strengthened and I’m expecting them to be one of the top teams offensively, which will make for some interesting contests.”

Ryan Aldridge recruited the Czech duo of Michal Pinc and Jaroslav Cesky from Bracknell over the summer, together with winger Nicky Watt.

Between them, they racked up 248 points for Bracknell last season, including 91 goals.

Pinc led the way with 100 points - including 38 goals - and finished fourth overall in the English Premier League scoring list.