Steelers’ next buy in city on Sunday?

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RYAN Finnerty has hinted his summer shopping list may feature a bid for League top scorer Jade Galbraith.

The Sheffield Steelers coach has already nipped in ahead of Elite League rivals to sign ex Belfast and Newcastle forward Colin Shields for next season.

And while he is uncomfortable in talking about a player that is playing for the team Sheffield will face on Sunday at the Arena,the team boss has confirmed he is an admirer.

Asked specifically about the Braehead Clan star, who has scored 98 points in 56 games, he said: “He is someone you have go to admire in terms of points.He is not known as a workhorse but you can’t deny his numbers.”

Asked if Steelers would be knocking on his door this Summer, he replied: “We have been struggling to score goals and I could see pairing him with someone like Jeff Legue; that would be an interesting possibility.

“But he will be very attractive to teams throughout Europe. He has options.”

While Finnerty is clearly a forward-planner, his mind is also focused on getting wins against Clan and, tomorrow, at iceSheffield against Edinburgh Capitals, as the club draws its League campaign to a close.

Finnerty says his side must recognise that Edinburgh can represent a banana skin while Braehead are undoubtably a class side.

“We are not a team that can take anybody likely, we can lose to anybody if we are not ready” said Finnerty.

“After last weekend’s losses (Belfast, twice, and Hull Stingrays) we need to get our head out of our backsides and play for some pride.

“I expect my team to rebound and come back with a fire under them.

“It was unacceptable for our travelling fans to witness losing three in a row.”

Finnerty has enjoyed restricting his activities to bench coaching, recently rather than playing as well.

“You see everything so much clearer, even down to body language.

“It is unfair to make too many judgements based on our last two games, when our heads were hanging, because after all the hard work in the League, we’d fallen short. It felt everything had come crashing down around us.

“But I am looking forward to coaching (full-time) behind the bench next year, because you can control so much more. I have learned a lot this year.”

Finnerty paired Mike Ramsay, Luke Fulghum and Legue on a line at Hull last time out.

“We might try that again, see if we can create new energy. Their job is to be hyper offensive, although Legue is defensively responsible too - we couldn’t have them conceding five after scoring three.

“The Jonathan -Jason Hewitt-Colt King line has to crash the net score some ugly goals and not over-pass.”