Steelers have to bid ‘arrivederci’ to top forward Rob

Maxime Lacroix,: responsibility to get goals and assists
Maxime Lacroix,: responsibility to get goals and assists
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Before the ink is dry on the release form of wantaway Sheffield Steelers winger Rob Sirianni, the club has already made approaches to two other Elite League clubs over a potential replacement.

Canadian Jereme Tendler, a first rate goalscorer/maker in his fourth season at Hull Stingrays, is one of the targets.

Whether coach Doug Christiansen will be successful, ahead of weekend back-to-back games at champions-elect Belfast Giants, is yet to be seen.

Sirianni is signing for an Italian club - he wants to make an impression so he will get a job there next season and a place in the international side.

His move, though, illustrates how fragile a grip Elite League teams have on their own star players.

Steelers did NOT want their second leading league goalscorer - who was on a top level pay grade alongside the likes of Steve Goertzen and Rob Dowd - to go.

But neither would they stand in his way, for fear of keeping an “unhappy player.”

Sirianni has tweeted: “Thx to all the steelers fans for all the support through the season. Wishing the guys best of luck the rest of the way.”

The forward came in after injury to Max Lacroix - now Lacroix is back in the line up he will be under pressure to find the points Sirianni had provided.

Tomorrow’s game will be Lacroix’s seventh of the League season - he has missed the other 28 and is regaining his touch. Belfast will be seeking their sixth straight win.