Steelers did not honour my contract

Dumped: Ace Rob Globke is looking for a job.                Picture: Rik Rayner
Dumped: Ace Rob Globke is looking for a job. Picture: Rik Rayner
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AN ICE HOCKEY star who once graced the greatest stage in the world has criticised the way his spell with Sheffield Steelers has ended.

Rob Globke, who played 46 times in the National Hockey League, appears to have been edged out as new player coach Ryan Finnerty tries to rebuild a team that has just won the league championship.

Globke thought he had a two-year contract with the club, but that deal was struck with the club’s former owners, the Phillips family, rather the current proprietor, Paul Ragan.

“Indeed, my services are no longer required by the Steelers,” the American confirmed exclusively to The Star.

“Actually I have not heard anything definitively yet, but I have not received a response after numerous emails and calls. I am assuming this means they would like me to go away.

“They said my contract for the second year was void and they were not going to honour it. I was told it was signed under a different management company.

“I don’t quite understand this, but realise this league is not run in the most professional manner and am okay with throwing in the towel...there is more to life than this silly game.”

Talking about the lack of security following his initial two-year deal, he added: “I really don’t want the hassle to fight it. To me, its not worth it; besides, why would I want to come back to a team that does not want me anyway?

“Everyone has a different way of doing business, it is just not my cup of tea.”

The one time Florida Panthers right wing, who joined the South Yorkshire club last summer, admitted he was “disappointed in how the new management of the Steelers has conducted business as a professional club, as well as the league”.

“I could spend hours rambling, but, suffice to say, this league will not grow (and I have doubts about the Steelers as well) without people tending to the garden.”

Globke also said he would warn potential new players about the pit-falls of joining an Elite League team.

“You can be sure I will speak honestly about the way players are treated here (with exception to the fans and people of Sheffield) to anyone seeking a job.

“My biggest disappointment is that I will be unable to finish my studies (at the University of Sheffield.)

“This is not the end of the world, but I had signed a two year contract the year previous so this would not happen. I am learning that you can’t control anything in life and have decided to move on.

“I wish all the best for the players next season, and will be praying for the fans in light of the new regime.”

Belfast Giants have shown some interest in the player.

He said: “I have been working and looking into other options. Belfast showed interest, but I think they are losing some school spots next year as well.

“I might just get a ‘real’ job and do that here (in Sheffield) next year, I am working on getting a visa for that.”

A Steelers’ spokesman said: “We hope Rob enjoyed his time with us and we thank him for his efforts. Unfortunately things move on and our coach has decided to go in a different direction. He considered Rob’s situation, but Ryan makes his own decisions and we stand by all his player decisions.”