Steelers can surprise Continental Cup rivals, predicts goaltender

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Ice Hockey: Latest news, reports and more.
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STEELERS’ European adventurers may pull off a shock series of wins in this weekend’s Continental Cup in Denmark, says goalie John DeCaro.

The American believes the experience of playing Danish, Italian and Hungarian opposition will benefit a side already growing in maturity and confidence.

And last Sunday’s win over Nottingham Panthers will also boost their self-worth as they head overseas today, he believes.

“Sunday was our time and winning was huge for us,” says the 31-year-old. “It proved we could beat them. The lack of confidence (shown in parts of that game and others) could be anything, we are a pretty young team compared to some others. But we persevered last Sunday and will take that confidence into Europe and hopefully perform well there. Then it will be about coming back and rolling into the Christmas programme, going forward.”

DeCaro admits knowledge of the Euro opponents is thin.

“A buddy in Italy and he has told me a bit about Asiago,” he said. “But we don’t know much. If we come and play the way we can then we have a good chance of competing well and, you never know, pulling it out.”

The League discipline committee has upheld a three match ban on Braehead’s Kyle Bruce for checking Steeler Colt King to the head.