Steelers bench boss looks forward to a marquee signing

Steelers' assistant coach Carter Beston-Will says he'd love to see the club making a 'flagship signing' as a statement to the fans and the rest of the league.
Marco Vallerand is an example of a key playerMarco Vallerand is an example of a key player
Marco Vallerand is an example of a key player

Sheffield are seeking a number of new imports to join those overseas players who will be returning for another crack at the EIHL trophies.

The club has already signed a couple of new recruits.

They will need to make an impact as the South Yorkshire club tries to bridge the divide between themselves and the treble-winning Belfast Giants.

Matt Greenfield, back in Sheffield's goalMatt Greenfield, back in Sheffield's goal
Matt Greenfield, back in Sheffield's goal
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Asked about the significance of making a marquee signing this summer, Beston-Will said: "I think it is important.

"We have had a fantastic start to our off-season signings by bringing back Matt Greenfield.

"From front to back, he was our Most Valuable Player and I think he is the best goalie in the league, or at least one of.

"We have a lot of fantastic pieces that will be coming back, or are in the works to come back, or we'd like to bring back and it's important for a flagship signing, too.

Steelers have spots to fillSteelers have spots to fill
Steelers have spots to fill
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"But we also need depth as well because it is a long, long season in the UK.

"I tell everybody in Canada who will listen that they have no idea what a grind it is in the EIHL, it's crazy.

"You need a deep team and it helps if you have someone who is able to score on command."

Personally, Beston-Will said he enjoys watching players who are multi-dimensional in their play.

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"If you can bring in a guy who can play in every situation, penalty kill, power play...someone who can score when you need a big goal or you can put on ice to stop a goal, well, that's pretty important!

"That person is going to play 20 minutes a game.

"A physical, good skating defenceman might not be a flagship signing but that would make me excited and be great for us.

"Just for him to play hard and make it hard for other teams to play against us."

Marco Vallerand has been regarded as a marquee player in the past, and the assistant coach agreed: "Vally is a guy who can be playing in all situations and score you big goals.

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"Maybe he came in at the end of the year (last season) and didn't necessarily produce what he has in years prior but I don't necessarily think he has passed that.

"It is not easy coming in when there are only two months left in a year..there's this team that has been gelling and you have been playing something completely different (at HK Olimpija Ljubljana.)

"Vally is a pretty good example of that key type of player, for sure."

Beston-Will said the choice of captain for Steelers in season 2023-24 has yet to be nailed down.

"We'll build our team in off-season and come to that decision," he said.