Steeldogs ruffians plan to maul double winning visitors

Andre Payette enforces the ice
Andre Payette enforces the ice
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Not many people are giving Sheffield Steeldogs the remotest chance of beating double-winning champions Telford Tigers over two legs in the Play Offs (tomorrow, home, and Saturday away.)

Free-spending Tigers have swept all before them this season, winning the EPL by an amzaing 18 points and are favourites for a historic treble.

Steeldogs finished next to bottom but coach Andre Payette feels the uncompromising nature of his side could throw the form book out the window.

“We are going to have try and dictate the play, bring the game to our level and just out work them, get a little bit of luck and play real good Steeldogs hockey” he said. “We have a chance to win, it’s going to be a good game and we will leave everything out there.

“The boys are pumped and we will have a full line up. It’s going to be a war, we will punish them for a whole 60 minutes.

“A game of heart, a battle, a war gives us a good chance of winning. Don’t be surprised if there are some fisticuffs, we will use every method at our disposal. Telford have bought the league and they have bought the cup and we are going to do everything to show them that a ‘Made in Sheffield’ team can do it, heart CAN beat money.

“Let’s fill our rink on Friday (8pm) and make it a hostile environment. ”

Skater Greg Wood added: “Telford are highly skilled and they’ve got a great record against us but I think that’s probably going to play in to our hands. We are 0-6 so far and at some point, that will change, they are going to break. A few years ago we whitewashed Bracknell in the league, they then beat us in a two game series so anything can happen.

“When push comes to shove we are a playoff team, we thrive in tough situations and this weekend is made for us”.

Hard man Callum Pattison is also up for the task: “If (Owen) Bennett touches the ice I’ll be out to deal with him - after my points in Bracknell I need a fight to complete my Gordie Howe hat-trick! I don’t like the way (Max) Birbraer has been playing; he’s on my list too”.