Squire of Sheffield celebrates a hat-trick!

TOM SQUIRES is revelling in the fact he is the first Sheffield-born Steeler to notch an Elite League hat-trick.

He banged in three in Saturday's 18-1 slaughter of Edinburgh Capitals - not bad for a youngster who only joined Steelers because the club was short of bodies.

The winger has earned himself a legitimate position in the team.

"I came to give guys a breather and a rest" says the ex Scimitar from Intake.

"Now I have a few points on the board I feel a part of the team. I think I've settled in well and I'm certainly more confident now. I know I can't demand ice time, I have to work for it but this is where I want to be, here at Steelers and in the Elite League."

Squires plied his trade between the ENL and EPL sides before joining his boyhood heroes. "There is a big difference in the Elite league" he said. "You get a lot more time in the EPL, in the Elite League you have to think and react a lot more quickly. Once you are in this league though this is where you want to stay."

Squires has impressed both coach and captain in his 25 games.

Coach Ben Simon said: "For a 20 year old to get eight goals is outstanding. What he does well is that he keeps things very simple. He makes sure he doesn't play outside his skills set."

Skipper Jonathan Phillips agrees Squires is a talent that can be around for a while.

"As a young player you're always going to be tentative in your own end, it's hard as you try and figure out what's going on and react to the speed of things. His improvement though has been huge, the guys all like him because he isn't afraid to ask for advice and when you give it you can see that he listens and takes it in." Steelers host Newcastle Vipers tomorrow.

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