Simon slams Steelers duo after heavy Devils defeat

STEELERS' COACH Ben Simon reserved his sharpest criticism for fellow imports Jeff Legue and Rob Globke following the 7-1 trouncing by Cardiff Devils.

Legue completely lost his cool as he sat in the penalty box, with four minutes remaining of Wednesday's embarrassment at Sheffield Arena.

He tossed his helmet on the ice, flicked an unpleasant finger gesture at an official, and, after being ordered off, inexplicably hurled a water bottle over a dividing wall and into the Devils' bench.

Globke blew a fuse in the same box, in the previous period, his abuse of an official earning him a 10-minute misconduct.

Legue will miss Saturday's home game against Edinburgh Capitals.

Asked what had frustrated him most in the match, Simon told The Star: "I am not concerned about the score, I am concerned we got outworked, outplayed, out-smarted. But the thing I am most frustrated with, is our lack of discipline and composure at the end of the game. Have you ever seen a ref or linesman change a call after a player yells at him? It doesn't happen here, or anywhere. For a player puts himself in a position to sit for 10 minutes or Legue to go and throw a water bottle, and an obscene gesture at the linesman...that's unprofessional and unacceptable.

"We'll wait to see what the league does about it, but he puts us down, (in manpower) and that is what I am frustrated with. Our best players were not our best players."

Asked whether he would take any action against either player, he replied: "We will address it."

Simon admitted the "entire game was abysmal. "It was a disappointment we did not turn up to play in such a big occasion."

But he insists the reverse would not necessarily impact on the final destination of the league title, despite the fact Devils dominated so convincingly, outshot his side 33-20, have a 20-match unbeaten run and lead second place Belfast Giants by three points with two games in hand. "They are a good team and they are on a roll. But all good things must come to an end. Everybody is gunning for them.

"Everyone did not play their best game against Cardiff, but the league was not won or lost that night, we'll see them again and we are going to improve this team."

Jason Hewitt, missing from Wednesday's debacle, has become a father. His wife Stacey had a girl, Hadley, 8lb 11oz.

The winger said "he was buzzing" - so at least one player in the camp is happy.

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