Simms on Steelers: Forget the freeze... we’re going home!

Tyler Mosienko - Sheffield Steelers v Coventry Blaze 30/08/14
Tyler Mosienko - Sheffield Steelers v Coventry Blaze 30/08/14
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At last the Sheffield Steelers are back in their home building. On Saturday this fresh, exciting new look Steelers side will skate out on to the Motorpoint Arena ice for the first time.

It’s taken the arena close on a month so repair the leaking pipes that keep the arena ice frozen.

That’s a huge set back for the Steelers who this past summer sold more season tickets, more sponsorship with so much more raised expectation following their play off championship in Aprill.

The three weeks of missing home games will have cost the Steelers at the turnstiles and also in the credibility of the brand, something owner Tony Smith has built back up in his three seasons in charge.

On Saturday though this will be, if not forgotten, put on one side as the Gerad Adams Steelers play Cardiff. There will be memories from past to start the night off with. The Play Off Championship banner will be raised into the rafters to hang along side the many other banners showing the huge success that the Steelers have had since their inception in 1991.

Then the news stars of today, the Roys, Dowds, Fretters and Eddys will arrive and entertain. There is a buzz about this new Steelers team, there is something a little different about it.

More dynamic, more exciting, may we even suggest more sexy. The Adams brand of hockey is hard nosed, in your face but it is also speed, transition and offensive. You get the feeling that whilst his predecessors Messrs Matson, Simon, Finnerty and Chrsitiansen were happy to to win 2-1 or 3-2 Gerad Adams has not objection to letting the horses go and winning 6-4

As well as a home coming for the Steelers, its a new start for one of the men who Adams hopes will be instrumental in the clubs success this year.

Tyler Mosienko has had a horrible 12 months. Caught up in a spot fixing scandal in Denmark, suspended and fined by their association and then a five game ban imposed by the world’s governing body the IIHF. Saturday redemption and a new start, new hockey life begins.

No more baggage, no more hang ups, just hockey and Steelers for Tyler. He will be key as well. His inclusion gives the Steelers two scoring lines. The Forney, Roy and Fretter unit looks just lovely. It does however leave the Robert Dowd issue when Mosienko isn’t playing. Dowd needs an offensive line mate and Mosienko is that man.

The Steelers also need Pascal Morency back, and soon. His concussion like symptoms are lingering. Adams will want him back this weekend, especially with the loss of Rod Sarich for approximately 6 weeks. Morency and Mosienko make the Steelers a better side, a more balanced side.

I think this Saturday at the arena will be one of the good nights. Emotional nights. Lets remember last years play off success as we cheer the banner to the rafters and then lets look forward to the next banner by watching the team confident that they will lift silver later this season.

Steelers v Devils at the Motorpoint Arena – you wouldn’t want to miss it would you? Face off 7pm