Video: Sheffield Steelers - this season's Cup hunters?

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So far, so good for Sheffield Steelers as a Cup side.

Their 3-1 Group game win in the Challenge Cup match against Manchester Storm, meant they had won all their six games and as top seed get to say who they face next.

Who me? Andre Deveaux protests his innocence. Pic by Dean Woolley

Who me? Andre Deveaux protests his innocence. Pic by Dean Woolley

Let's hope they carry on the form into the Contintental Cup this coming weekend, when they face some quality opponents in Denmark.

Steelers will take heart from their special teams in Saturday's victory - their penalty killers reigned supreme and two goals on the power play sealed the points.

The only downside was the two hours 38 minutes match was constantly interrupted by refereeing instructions over face offs.

But to win without Mathieu Roy, Colton Fretter and Jonas Westerling - the club still has no progress to report on replacing Joonas Ronnberg - does them credit.

Action stations at the Arena

Action stations at the Arena

Paul Thompson: "I am pretty pleased, it wasn't a classic" acknowledged coach Paul Thompson.

"Our Penalty Kill once again shut down a very good Power Play and we scored two out of five chances on our own Power Play. Special teams wons us the game."

The Jamtin-Deveaux-Wallace line accounted for two of the goals, the first two finding the net - Wallace remaining unlucky in that department.

Levi Nelson had started the scoring while Ciaran Long had made it 1-1 at 33;50.

Thompson can take credit for the tactics behind the last two wins, which have come after Deveaux was moved to centre, from the wing.

:"We move Devo into the middle on Wednesday night, he is good and slick on the puck, the other two are strong down low. Devo is starting to come now, people are starting to see what he can bring.

"He doesn't back down from anybody out there. It is good to have him in the team from that point of view but it is also good to have him in the line-up to score goals and make plays.

As for Jamtin: "When you play Manchester it is a local derby a local rivalry, they are a feisty team, and I think that is in Jamtin's DNA. That's the way he plays."

And on the Cup form, he said: "Job done, the (7,039) fans were fantastic again, 100 per cent record (in the cup) four key guys out, I can't be happier."

Thompson feels man of the moment Deveaux was two or three weeks away from complete match fitness explaining: "He has played five or six games in two years.

"His size makes him look a little slower than he is - he is not that slow , he is big and rangey on the puck.

"I like him in the middle he is defensively smart, he can bring people into the play but I think he is going to get better and better with games."