Spicy meetings ahead when Sheffield Steelers and Belfast Giants lock horns

Jackson Whistle on the end of a Steelers attack
Jackson Whistle on the end of a Steelers attack
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Jackson Whistle is looking forward to playing for Steelers against his old club Belfast Giants - whatever the reaction will be from his former fans.

It has been a summer of spikey social media banter since Sheffield announced the signing of goalie Whistle along with Giants' defenceman Ryan Martinelli.

And there is bound to be a competitive edge to encounters to the sides again, this coming season.

Whistle will always fondly remember the fan support in Northern Ireland.

But asked if there was likely to be some "extra spice" between the sides, given the player movement, Whistle said: "Oh absolutely there will be.

"I can’t wait to play against Belfast next season. There is a lot that goes on that fans don’t know about when a move like this happens.

"But I’m sure they will have something to say when Martinelli and I are on the ice next year.

"I am honestly really looking forward to it."

Whistle played well against Sheffield last year, apart from one 8-0 mauling at Sheffield Arena in January.

"As a goalie those things (big defeats) sometimes happen especially when you are playing against a very good team. You just shake it off, learn from it, and move on as it's only one game out of eight we had against each other. Last season we had a good rivalry with Sheffield. "

Whistle said Giants always prepared well for Steelers' games but did not over-focus on Sheffield's strengths and weaknesses.

"We would discuss a lot about special teams and the power play Sheffield had but we would mainly just focus on our own game" he said.

"I truly believe we had one of the best teams in the league when we showed up to play as a group last season - and for some reason we usually did when we played against Sheffield."

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