Sheffield Steelers: the two Matts keen to win together again

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Matt Marquardt will never forget the first time he won a championship alongside Mathieu Roy.

It was in the 2011-12 season in the south easternmost tip of the United States.

Now he wants to repeat the feat, in the humble surrounds of Sheffield.

“I was lucky enough to be part of a club with Mathieu; (at Florida Everblades) we won a championship (ECHL Kelly Cup) and once you get a taste of that it’s all you want” he said.

“They have got a strong tradition here of winning and they don’t accept anything else and that’s a culture and atmosphere you want to be a part of.

That’s my main goal this year to contribute any way I can and to win” he explained.

Mathieu Roy (left) and Matt Marquardt: winning in north America

Mathieu Roy (left) and Matt Marquardt: winning in north America

The 30-year-old from North Bay, Ontario said he has enjoyed playing on a line with Colton Fretter and John Armstrong, pointing out it’s a lot easier having them with him than against him - as he did last year with Coventry Blaze.

“I was very enthused to be able to play with guys like that” said Marquardt.

“They are really hard to play against and they are not guys you want to play against” he said.

“It is a lot of fun having them on my team and on my line, I’m just looking to contribute any way I can.

Matt Marquardt

Matt Marquardt

And, despite an upper body injury which threatens to keep him out this weekend in the two exhibition matches against Manchester Storm, he has enjoyed the whole Steeler experience, as a new boy.

“You come to an organisation like this that prides itself on winning and you see the retention within the team - they keep a lot of guys around - and a lot of guys like to stay.”

Marquardt expects Ryan Finnerty to have worked his influence on Storm, as he did at Braehead Clan and says this coming weekend’s games will be competitive.

And when the League season starts it will be more so - so will we see Marquardt dropped the gloves, as he has in previous seasons?

“It is not something I go out there and look for but I am not going to let anybody take liberties on myself or my team-mates” he said.

“It is just one of those things, a spur of the moment type things where things get heated or sometimes guys take exceptions to things that happen on the ice. We’ll see.

“Part of my game is being a big physical presence and creating time and space for my team-mates, if it happens to escallate more than that, that’s what happens; it’s part of the game.”

Steelers have dropped the price for Saturday’s return to the Arena - and the Play Off winning banner-raising - to a fiver.

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