Sheffield Steelers defeat was painful..and boring, says goalie

Brad Day
Brad Day
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Back-up goalie Brad Day does not normally find it tedious to watch Sheffield Steelers’ games from the bench.

But he had to admit he was bored stiff watching his side suffocated by Dundee Stars last weekend.

Paul Thompson, the coach, called Stars’ approach “passive” but Day went a bit further.

“I didn’t enjoy it; it was a boring game to watch. So far, Dundee are the most boring team I’ve seen in the League.

“They don’t always play like that, but they did against us. They had five guys just blocking shots, I have never seen anything like it.”

Stars won 4-0 as a frustrated, tired and undermanned Steelers collapsed late on - and Day does not expect anything like that result when his side returns there next Sunday, with players rested and back in the ranks.

“We were short at the back end but when we get people back we will be able to activate properly in the offensive zone” he said.

Day was impressed by the performance and vocal commitment of new signing Yarad Hagos.

“He is a good two-way player, good on the ice and in the dressing room. If he has something to say about he is playing or somebody else he will say it, if he thinks it will help the team.”

On Saturday, Steelers host Nottingham Panthers in the first Elite League clash of the division’s titans, this season.

“I am quite sure that will be a lot more interesting to watch” said Day.

“It was early in the season when we played them last ti me in the Challenge Cup but they looked pretty good.”

Day continues to be used sparingly and holds out hope he will get a chance to shine soon.

“Moose (Ervins Mustukovs) was our best player last Sunday and is doing well. You always want more ice time, but I have just got to wait for my chance.”