Sacked Sheffield Steeler aims to prove them wrong at another Elite League club

Luke Ferrara - wants to return to Sheffield one day
Luke Ferrara - wants to return to Sheffield one day
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Luke Ferrara says he is determined to prove Sheffield Steelers wrong for chopping him from their roster - and hopes he will return one day.

The British winger had two Elite League offers on the table within 24 hours of being released by the Play Off champions. But he is taking his time after admitting being “stung” by the decision.

“It was a shock. I planned on sticking around in Sheffield as long as possible” he said.

“Tommo (coach Paul Thompson) rang to tell me and while it hurts I understand.

“It’s never nice though and it’s not what I wanted. It stung me but I spoke to my family, then guys in Sheffield and other friends. I’ve had lots of support from people who have been through this before in north America, like Colton Fretter and Cullen Eddy.

“They said there are two ways to go now, sulk or find myself a job that’s best for me.

Luke Ferrara

Luke Ferrara

“I’ve had offers and am expecting some more contact. I am not going to limit myself, I’ll see what’s out there and make the best possible decision. I still haven’t got my head around it all yet.”

Asked if he thought it was a fair decision by the club he said: “It would be unprofessional to answer that, it’s still very fresh, I wouldn’t want to say anything that might come out the wrong way.”

The 23-year-old was cut partly because of the rising form of Sheffield prospect Liam Kirk.

Ferrera said: “It’s the cut-throat business, but yes, I was surprised at that.

“If we’d both stayed and one of us had to sit on the bench that would have been no good for either of our development though.

“Liam is talented but the decision they made is something they will live will and I will have to too.

“My motivation is to prove them wrong. I might have to go somewhere for one or two years and hopefully put myself in a position where I could come back one day.

“But there again I might like the new place as much as I do Sheffield, we’ll just have to see.

“Trying to prove them wrong is all I can do.”

New Elite League club Milton Keynes Lightning will be among the front runners for Peterborough-born Ferrara’s signature.