Ice hockey: The Sheffield Steelers' player whose job is pretty straight-forward, really

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John Armstrong has a simple job at Sheffield Steelers.

The centreman knows if he can get the puck to his linemates in the right place, they will score and - like the first two games of the season - his team will win.

Mathieu Roy

Mathieu Roy

Easier said than done, ofcourse, in such a highly competitive Elite League.

But with Colton Fretter and Mathieu Roy on your line, he knows his pass can make all the difference to a game.

“We know we can play well together. We have in the past” said Armstrong, whose team host Cardiff Devils tomorrow.

“It is nice to play with guys you have played with before. Both those guys can score goals. Because of that I am always looking to set them up.

Colton Fretter

Colton Fretter

“I know if I am going to give them the puck in the slot, the majority of time they are going to score.”

Armstrong said he’d happily stay on that line all year - something that didn’t happen last season.

“Whatever is going to make the team win. I think last year we were playing well together, the team was in a little bit of a slump

“It’s always OK to try something new when things aren’t going right.

“Hopefully things will go right this year and we will stay together.”

* Fretter, Ben O’Connor and Jonas Westerling lead the club’s personal points tally with four reach after the initial Challenge Cup games, last weekend.