Exclusive: Out-worked, out-hit, out-fought: the sorry tale of Sheffield Steelers. Boss admits hiring errors

Sheffield Steelers: will the chopping block come out?
Sheffield Steelers: will the chopping block come out?
  • Conceding early goals
  • Going through the motions
  • Too much apathy
  • Goalscoring issues
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Paul Thompson admits he has made mistakes in recruitment in this season’s Sheffield Steelers’ team.

The side was hammered on Sunday at Coventry Blaze and hasn’t played well for weeks.

A new player is expected to sign on Tuesday, following the departure of Juha Koivisto. But the changes are unlikely to stop there.

Asked if he’d made mistakes in employing some of his players, the coach said: “Yes. If I am looking to change guys, which I obviously am, then yes. The quality is not there. Not good enough.

“Over the last four or five games we have just not been good enough. We are getting a lot of flak right now and rightly so because of the type of performances.”

Asked about the team’s conceding of a rash of early goals (in three matches) he said: “It’s a lack of concentration, you can’t waltz into games and just go through the motions. There is too much apathy, they are not playing at the level required. It’s a mind-set and it has to change. If they were all switched on I wouldn’t be looking to bring in people. Changes are coming.”

The team boss said Sunday’s defeat at his old club was the worst display so far. “We were out-worked, out-hit, out-fought and out-battled.”

Thompson wouldn’t talk about the first, new player in his sights, but he said: “We need skill, energy, grit and leadership. We need a top end talent and I am confident we will get one this week.”

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Paul Thompson: on the look out

Paul Thompson: on the look out