Sheffield Steelers won't be so welcoming to returning players any more

Sheffield Steelers have changed their policy on welcoming old players back on the Arena ice, when they are on the roster of opposition teams.

The former King of Sheffield, Mathieu Roy
The former King of Sheffield, Mathieu Roy

Previously, ex-Steelers were heralded before the face off, courtesy of an announcement and fans' applause.

That hasn't happened this year with the return of Mathieu Roy, Jackson Whistle, Mark Matheson and Josh Pitt.

Roy celebrated at the end of Clan's victory on Sunday on Arena ice.

It appears that a few Sheffield fans booed him for that - which triggered him to "cup his ear" in response.

Roy, once dubbed the 'King of Sheffield,' donned a Burger King "crown" on his head - given by a visiting fan - as he left the Arena pad.

That has triggered some debate on social media, but Steelers as a club have defended Roy's right to celebrate the victory.

The South Yorkshire club does lay out an official welcome for players who have retired from the sport - like Jonas Westerling...but the policy has changed for active opponents.