Sheffield Steelers: Wily trio lead charge

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Ice hockey: reports, news and more.
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THEY have a combined age of 100 years.

But the golden oldies of the Colin Shields, Jeff Legue and Ashley Tait line are playing with the energy and excitement of youngsters.

The three amigos are current top scorers on the Sheffield Steelers roster.

And centreman Legue is thoroughly enjoying playing alongside the ‘old timers’.

Of his line with Tait, 37, and Shields, 32, Legue, 31 said: “We maybe older guys but we seem to be able to get in areas get the puck and get a shot off. Our team has great speed and is key to our game.

“We have kept it simple over the last two weeks and it’s paid off. We get the puck deep and that’s our game - to cycle and outwork their D men low, because we have got quick little guys and it has been paying off.”

Legue seems to be getting faster and slicker as he gets older.

He says: “I have a bit more confidence. Once you have played in a system and in a league for a long time, you adapt to the ins and outs.

“I feel more comfortable, I am not trying to rush things and go 100 miles an hour.”

The Canadian’s recent scoring feats have seen him secure a place as fourth in the list of all time Steeler point scorers, behind Ron Shudra, Steve Nemeth and Ken Priestlay.

Steelers play at Dundee Stars tonight, a side with an excellent home record. Tomorrow they host Nottingham Panthers.