Sheffield Steelers will have tougher mental edge

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Faster, stronger sharper - with an improved mental focus.

That’s what Sheffield Steelers will be like next year, says coach Gerad Adams.

While the team boss has many vacancies to fill in his line up, he says he knows what brand of hockey the fans can look forward to.

“Last season I felt that they were a team that were incredibly hard to play against some nights but on other nights were incredibly easy to play against.

“Obviously there has to be a shift where they are incredibly hard to play against every night. We need to be competing hard and bring speed to the game” said Adams.

“When they were easy to play against, it was about the mental side of the game. They were in good shape physically but negativity can be very contagious. If you have a player feeling sorry for himself or not feeling good then that can be passed around; but on the other hand so can confidence, and that’s what we’ll be looking for. We need to improve on D-zone coverage need to be more stronger and more mobile at the back end, too.”

Adams said Rod Sarich with his “incredibly high skill level” would help Sheffield dictate the play in season 2014-5.