Sheffield Steelers want a coach like Coventry’s Chuck Weber

Gerad Adams - did he fit the new 'culture?' No says Simms
Gerad Adams - did he fit the new 'culture?' No says Simms
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Steelers stalwart Dave Simms today revealed why Gerad Adams was sacked - and what type of coaching operation will replace him.

In an article for The Star, the senior official wrote: “The reality is (owner) Tony Smith didn’t sack Gerad. Chuck Weber (Coventry coach) did. If Marc LeFevbre was still in Coventry then Gerad would still be in Sheffield.

“Weber bought to Coventry everything Tony wants in a coach, someone who would be the players boss, leader and someone he could leave the entire hockey side of the business to whilst he concentrated on off ice matters. Smith was impressed when he saw that in Weber that kind of person existed. You will hear the words ‘culture change’ a lot more soon as that’s what we will look to implement.

“There will be a professional team of coaches working to improve players, systems and culture.

“If we are to challenge in the league, qualify for the Champions League and develop our own British players then the days of one-man coaching are over.

“I see how teams in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland operate. The teams of coaches there work around the clock as a team developing their clubs. If we are to progress then we must look at how they work.

“Four-line hockey won’t just happen. That’s where the under 20s league will become such a focal point for us moving forward. The coaching team will use that team as a feeder team.

“The Champions League and the Under 20s have been a huge reason behind this coaching change.

“We have the opportunity to implant change that will in fact modify the British game and move it forward for the better of all.”

Simms wrote: “Steelers have always been a leader and not a follower.

“I like Gerad, I enjoyed working alongside him. His is a very good man. I also have seen the other side. Also seen what Tony is trying to implement here in Sheffield.

“If it can be achieved then the people who will benefit mostly are us, Steelers fans.”

While Weber, himself, is not a recruitment option for Sheffield, it is now clear that he is the figure that the new Steelers coach must measure himself up against.