SHEFFIELD STEELERS: Time for us to be mentally tough: Shawn Limpright

Kick on: Shawn Limpright is eager to do better.'   Pic: dean woolley
Kick on: Shawn Limpright is eager to do better.' Pic: dean woolley
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SHAWN Limpright had the pain of seeing one of his team-mates scratched from the Sheffield Steelers’ roster this week.

In professional sport, it happens. It’s never very pleasant, but Limpright has seen it all before. Now, he and the other forwards, know they have to ensure they do not follow Cory Pecker out the Arena door.

Limpright was described as “a captain, a leader” when Sheffield signed him, but he is the first to admit his form has been patchy.

Asked by The Star if he was satisfied with his displays - he has one goal and five assists in nine outings- the Canadian replied: “No, I have been having lapses. I thought I did alright against Nottingham (last Saturday) and against Coventry I was OK. But I am a lot better, and want to be better, and I think I can be.

“There is a lot of hockey left and a lot of our guys are expecting more than we achieved last weekend.”

The 31-year-old blames indiscipline and a mental fragility for recent defeats.

“We take too many penalties,” he said. “It is hard to play when you have to kill five or six penalties, at least, every game. We know the referee is going to call it so I don’t know why we do it. It is tough to get involved in the game when you are killing penalties, it’s not going to end up in your favour.

“If we can keep it to three or four a game at most I think you will see a big change.

“We were 2-0 up in the first period against Coventry (Sunday) and we thought it was be easy after the first period and it never is.

“To me hockey is 90 per cent mental, if you are tough mentally, usually you will be alright.”

The weekend losses left the owner Tony Smith particularly unhappy - there being little return for around 10,000 fans who watched the side over two nights.

Limpright said: “The owner can be mad all he likes, that happens everywhere; it’s nothing new to a lot of guys.

“We just have to stick together. We know what we did wrong and what we did right. But it’s what we do now and how we recover from the weekend. The losses were not what we wanted. But we cannot dwell on it.”