Sheffield Steelers star Pascal Morency and his ‘life threatening’ skull fracture

Pascal Morency pictured in  a pre-season Sheffield Steelers friendly
Pascal Morency pictured in a pre-season Sheffield Steelers friendly
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Sheffield Steelers may need to exercise extreme caution over their concussion-injury victim Pascal Morency - as the player suffered a ‘life-threatening’ fractured skull three years ago.

The French Canadian was injured in his first competitive game this season- and on his return on action last Saturday felt concussion-like symptoms after a check from behind.

Morency, it is now established, suffered “severe head injuries” in a fall in the bathroom of his apartment when he played for Croatian side Medvescak Zagreb (2011-12.)

At the time, the Croatian media reported that the injuries had been life-threatening and that his season was over as the team headed towards the playoffs.

While Morency, 32, only played 13 games the following season for Arizona Sundogs, he had clearly recovered sufficiently to play at a good standard for Olimpija Ljubljana in Slovenia. He was recruited by Steelers this Summer.

Steelers coach Gerad Adams knew of his career and injuries, but his background checks with coaches satisfied him no further issues were expected.

Adams said he had little specific detail of the fractured skull incident, but said it was not relevant last weekend’s injury.

“Pascal was hit by a check in the back, I believe by Callum Boyd (Edinburgh Capitals.) Boyd came crashing in when they were 10-2 down and it seemed reckless. The referee made the right call at the time. We have reviewed the video and don’t believe there is a need for any supplementary discipline.

“We are doing all we can for Pascal, who didn’t play on Sunday because he felt headaches and fogginess.”

Morency is clearly unhappy with Boyd, he tweeted: “Hit from behind without a puck is gutless.”