SHEFFIELD STEELERS: Ryan Finnerty lining up his Dogs of War!

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SHEFFIELD Steelers fans will know when coach Ryan Finnerty is getting agitated next season.

It won’t necessarily be his animated appearance on the bench that gives it away - or a volley of industrial language at players and officials.

It’s more likely to be when he assembles his “Dogs of War” line - his formation of rebel-rousing forwards who will stir things up.

That unit will feature Jason Hewitt, Tylor Michel and Shawn Limpright - all of whom enjoy indulging in a bold, aggressive brand of hockey.

“If I ever put them on the same line, you’ll know something is about to happen; they will be my Dogs of War, that’s for sure,” says Finnerty - who specialised in much the same method, until retirement.

“I know that Michel will be a fan favourite because he only knows how to play one way and that is in your face and aggressive.

“When I played with him in Cardiff, he took us into areas that were dirty and dangerous.

“He will do the same here.

“He drove the net on every shift, got in the goalies space, created havoc.

“At the end of nearly every shift we would end up in a pushing and shoving melee. You would head back to the bench and he would have a big smile on his face, he loved it.

“I remember playing against Limpright and he played the game the same way. He generated energy in a building and on his team’s bench.

“We all know that Jason Hewitt can do that as well, maybe he got away from that last year, but I guarantee you that he will be a miserable old dog playing on the edge this coming season.

“I want Hewey chirping guys, running guys and playing dirty, when he does that he can change a game and with Michel and Limpright also on the team we can have three warriors out there.”