SHEFFIELD STEELERS: Ron Shudra installs Legue as Steeler Hall of Famer

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RON Shudra, the man regarded as Sheffield Steelers greatest ever ambassador, today recognised Jeff Legue as one of the club’s all-time elite.

Legue’s points on Wednesday in the win over Coventry Blaze elevated him over Tony Hand to fourth position in the league table of all-time Steeler point scorers.

He is now behind only Shudra and other club icons Steve Nemeth and Ken Priestlay.

Shudra, who watched the midweek Legue-inspired 7-2 win, told The Star: “Jeff is a great player, with great vision and great hands.

“He is a sniper, if you give him a chance, he knows where to put the puck. I’d rate him in the top five (all-time Steelers.)”

Legue, 31, never reached NHL status, yet over the years, he has systematically out-played many who have.

Shudra said: “Getting into the NHL isn’t the be-all and end-all. One per cent of players in the world get there and there are leagues now that are only just a little bit below that.

“You look at NHL guys who come over and are play in this League and they are not blowing teams out,” said Shdura, a one-time Edmonton Oiler.

“You look at Tom Sestito and at the role he plays with Philly (Philadelphia Flyers) it’s a totally different experience. There he is supposed to go up and down, do his job and get off. At Sheffield he has time to play with the puck. He’ll learn more here because he is on the ice more. He will go back a better player because he is working on his skill-set in game situations.

“When I came over I wasn’t the best puck handler in defensive situations but I learned because I was on the puck all the time.

“Legue, though, has a skill-set to carry games on his back. He can be a game-changer. If he is given an inch he will take it and stretch it a mile.”

So who would ‘Rocket Ron’ prefer on his team - the latter day Nemeth or Legue?

“I like both,” he said. “Stevie was a great player in the era we were in, if Jeff was playing at that time he’d have been an absolutely fantastic player.

“The game has changed now. Stevie definitely had the speed and ability but Jeff has just got that little bit extra.”

Generally, Shudra thinks Steelers stand a good chance of winning the League title this season.