Sheffield Steelers: return of the ‘thoroughbred’

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Rob Dowd can’t wait for the “return of the thoroughbred” next season.

The Sheffield Steelers winger admits to being baffled by the club’s decision to axe Rod Sarich last season.

Sheffield Steelers' Rod Sarich in action

Sheffield Steelers' Rod Sarich in action

That has been rectified by current coach Gerad Adams, who has brought him back for 2014-5.

Dowd said: “He has been a great player for Sheffield for many years. You can put him in any position, he can score goals, he can play defensive.

“It’s a great signing. He is built like a thoroughbred. He looks in shape even when he’s not.

“It will hurt this Summer getting back in shape, hitting the gym again as hard as he’ll have to. But once the season comes round I think he’ll be ready.”

Dowd described the dual-national player as “quiet, but he has a great sense of humour.

“You have got to get to know him, he is not outspoken, but every word he says is thought out.

“He is one of those players you can ask him and he can produce anything you want from him.”

n Steelers boss Gerad Adams says the end of the NHL draft should influence the availability of players in other leagues across the world.