Sheffield Steelers recruit denies ever throwing a match

Tyler Mosienko
Tyler Mosienko
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Tyler Mosienko has revealed in specific detail how he took part in a spot-fixing scandal - and has also admitted to The Star he bet on other games he played in.

The 30-year-old Canadian, who signed for Sheffield Steelers last week, insists that while he did bet his team conceding a number of goals on one occasion in January, it was a one-off and he has never intended to throw any match he’d iced in.

Mosienko, who comes from a high-pedigree hockey background (he is the grandson of Hockey Hall of Famer Bill Mosienko) also spoke about his feelings over former Steelers Shawn Limpright and Ervins Mustokov, who were innocently caught up in the spot-fixing charade.

The forward - effectively sacked seven months ago by his Danish club Esbjerg Energy- has opened his heart on the issue, like never before.

He answered every question we put to him.

What specifically did you do wrong?

I bet on goals conceded on my own game. A guy (team-mate) had asked me to do something and I said OK, and went with it. I wish I could have that moment back. I shouldn’t have done it, it was a mistake and I never thought about the consequences. Now I have to rebuild my career and my life.

What did it entail on the ice: allowing goals in?

At no point did I intend to fix the result or let anybody score against us. In the game (he was playing for Esbjerg v Rungsted Hockey; his team lost 7-4.) I was definitely not inviting a goal against; that was never in my mind, I am a fierce competitor and play to win. In fact, I think I got three points in that game and hit a post.

But what would be the point on betting on conceding goals, if you were trying to stop that happening,on the ice?

I don’t know, really, our team was struggling at that time and it was just a bet. But I didn’t let anything happen in that game. Or any other.

Did you make other bets on games you played in?

Yes, there were some things that happened during the season. But I backed the team to win, never to lose. Only on one occasion did I bet on goals conceded.

What was the worst part of this experience?

It was all bad. I was well-liked at Esbjerg by the owners, the group and the coach and felt I was one of the favourite players there. Being told I would not be able to play for them any more was a really bad feeling. There was uncertainty where I would play and I had to uproot my family, it was awful. I was lucky Alaska took me.

How do you feel about your relationship with team-mates at Esbjerg. Were ex Steelers Mustokov and Limpright angry with you and the others involved?

I go back a long way with Limps, we played together in Las Vegas (Wranglers 2006-9). Nobody really knew how to deal with it (once the spot fixing had been publicly revealed) it was weird. It was devastating for the team, which had been preparing for the Play Offs after 33 games together, or so.

I don’t know if they were angry, we never really talked about it. Limps moved on as well, he wasn’t really happy there. I guess Mustokov (who blew the whistle on the betting scandal) did the honourable thing.

Someone asked him to let goals in and he went to who he had to go to, to tell them something wrong was going on. I have no grudge against him, he did what he needed to do. The right thing. I am not going to blame anybody but myself.

Is there a shadow hanging over you?

It has been terrible and affected my career and my family. But it is time to move on and rebound and help Sheffield Steelers win some matches.