Sheffield Steelers’ new boy: it was a blast

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Sheffield Steelers’ new forward Nate DiCasmirro was pleased with his debut performance - and will want to build on it tomorrow night against league leading Dundee Stars.

The 35-year-old was flattered by suggestions he played like a man much younger, in Saturday’s win over Coventry Blaze.

Nate DiCasmirro - Sheffield Steelers

Nate DiCasmirro - Sheffield Steelers

“It was a blast - I was pleasantly surprised it was a good night. We battled and battled, we got the win at home always good.”

He said the game was quicker and more physical than what he’d been used to recently, training in Austria.

“It’s a high paced game, good puck movement, a lot more finishing checks, you get hit a lot more” he said.

*Ex Sheffield Steelers winger Forward Derek Campbell has been banned for 47 matches following a mandatory review by the League head of discipline Moray Hanson.

Campbell was given a match penalty for excessive roughness in the third period (54:55) of Hull Stingrays’ game with Dundee Stars on Saturday 5th October 2013.

In addition, there was an off-ice incident involving Campbell after he had been escorted off the ice towards the dressing room.

Breakdown of the suspensions:

Fighting off the ice = 15 matches

Attempted eye gouge = 12 matches

Knee to the head = 10 matches

Excessive force to the head resulting in an impact to the ice = 10 matches

Hanson said: “There are many aspects to this serious incident and that is why I have broken it down into separate sections.

“I have studied the game tape in great detail and I have spoken with the three officials, who all were able to give me detailed reports.

“This is a very nasty incident and there is no place for any of these actions in our sport.”

*Look out for a Danny Meyers video tomorrow.