Sheffield Steelers new boss gets in the groove

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Gerad Adams admits that the Sheffield Steelers side that he is now coaching doesn’t feel like his team.

Yet there seems no denying the team certainly played for him in the wins at Nottingham Panthers and at home to his previous employers Cardiff Devils, last weekend.

Gerad Adams - Sheffield Steelers new coach

Gerad Adams - Sheffield Steelers new coach

Speaking on video at, Adams said he wasn’t sure what the players thought of him after he had taken over from Doug Christiansen. “I don’t know how they have taken me, to be honest, I have taken to them, I have enjoyed myself, on the bench both games.

“I don’t think this will ever be my team because I didn’t recruit it I think I am just in charge to try and re-group on this season in some way for team morale. But I am having a good time and hopefully that is rubbing off on the players.

“I think they played for me but I think they played for each other too.”

Adams called a Time Out when Steelers were 2-0 down at Panthers, and the side went on to win a shootout.

On Sunday, Sheffield’s energy levels noticeably dropped in the second period - and Adams took them to task in a discreet way at the interval.

“I simply asked questions of the players, (getting) a little bit of feedback from them. The room goes a little bit quiet the first couple of times I do it, I ask why the tempo has dropped. You allow them to talk and they point it out and we can then elaborate on it.

“It was simple things we weren’t competing, we weren’t first to pucks, and we were turning the puck over. It is a sign of a good team when you make those mistakes you are still leading the game and got enough maturity to turn it around.”

Adams admitted that of the two wins, he enjoyed the victory at Panthers the most.