Sheffield Steelers: Keep my spot warm, Josh!

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Frank Doyle has complimented the goalie who has come in and seized his spot - and says he welcomes the competition.

The Sheffield Steelers’ netminder has suffered a recurrence of a hand injury which could keep him out for weeks.

Frank Doyle - Sheffield Steelers

Frank Doyle - Sheffield Steelers

It forced the club to bring in 25-year-old American Josh Unice - who has conceded just one goal in his first two games.

Doyle, 34, will be hoping Unice carries on where he left off, when Steelers host Dundee Stars on Saturday.

Assessing Unice’s style, Doyle said: “He looks like a solid goalie, there are not too many holes. I think with me I am just a little bit out of the ordinary, I just try to stand up more often, he tries to go down and be big and takes away the bottom of the net well.

“Would I want him to stay? I am used to it, I grew up playing with two goalies, when you come to Europe its a little bit different because they rely on one guy. Competition is good for anyone.”

The veteran has been forced to rest because simply holding the stick and using the blocker is too painful, at the moment.

“I have been playing fine with it for the last couple of years, then in the last few weeks, I’ve just been noticing something” he said.

“I thought it was just something you could play through but it got to the point where I was really struggling to get through games.

“It is disappointing but injuries are a part of the game.

“The doctor advised to take a few weeks off to let it settle down so I can get back in the net and play at 100%.”

Doyle said a goaltender’s job was made easier, obviously, if goals were flying in at the other end - something that happened at the start of the season, dried up a little and then returned with a vengeance at Cardiff Devils, on Sunday, when Sheffield smashed in six unanswered efforts.

But home goals in the League have been a rarity - Steelers have scored just three times in four games.