SHEFFIELD STEELERS: Jeff Legue is carpeted after rash attack on rival skater

Uncharacteristic: Jeff Legue took a selfish penalty against Dundee.               Picture: dean woolley
Uncharacteristic: Jeff Legue took a selfish penalty against Dundee. Picture: dean woolley
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JEFF LEGUE may be Sheffield Steelers’ best player - but right now, he’s in the naughty corner.

The super-skilled centreman lost his rag with four minutes to go during Steelers’ midweek match against Dundee Stars, slashing opponent Pat Bowen on the back of his legs and earning a penalty.

Stars cashed in on the Power Play to go ahead - and it was only a last ditch equaliser that saw Sheffield go into overtime and eventually take maximum points.

Coach Ryan Finnerty depends on Legue to win games - not potentially lose them. So he told The Star he would have a private meeting with him afterwards to reprimand him.

Finnerty said of the penalty: “We can’t have that, we will address that. Of all guys Jeff knows better, it was a selfish penalty and Jeff knows it is bad to take a penalty in the offensive zone at that stage of the game, and then w we went a goal down.

“I don’t like that, it’s not what we do here, it’s uncharacteristic of him. He could have lost two points because of it.

“It’s not accepted but nor is it a general issue, we are not an indisciplined hockey club.”

Asked what he’ll be saying to his fellow Canadian, Finnerty replied: “We deal with that stuff behind closed doors.”

The Star was critical of NHL winger Tom Sestito’s form, recently, but the player performed more assertively against Stars. Finnerty said: “He is back to his old self, he played great on Wednesday, banging bodies around.

“He is not just a physical presence out there, he had some chances and his line played very well.”

Steelers head north of the border this weekend. Tomorrow they play Braehead Clan and on Sunday they take on Edinburgh Capitals on Sunday. Sheffield’s 5-4 win over Stars put them in second place in the League, a point behind Belfast, who play Dundee, themselves, tonight.