SHEFFIELD STEELERS: ‘It is like going back in time’

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RYAN FINNERTY believes the character of this season’s Steelers team may mirror the Joey Talbot-Steve Munn-Jody Lehman sides he played with as a new arrival to the Sheffield scene.

The Steelers boss says the resolute nature of their performance last weekend, reminded him of his early days at the club.

“I like this team” he said.

“I won’t lie - there have been some times I have scratched my head with them. But on Sunday (3-2 win at Edinbrugh) I saw them become what I think of as a Steelers team

“With things not going to plan and 2-1 down a lot of teams would fall apart and start bitching on the bench. This team did just what the Steelers teams did when I first joined the club.

“We stuck together, we played hard for each other and found a way to win.

“Some might think a 3-2 road win in Murrayfield is a result you may not look back on and say: “This is when things turned a corner” but I have a feeling it might” said Finnerty.

“I felt that for the first time this was a ‘proper Steelers’ team.’

“It was a tough weekend and after the win we took the boys over the road for a beer.

“I felt them more together on Sunday, a closer unit than I have before. Don’t get me wrong we haven’t had a moment of trouble from one of them.

“But inside I felt some small component was missing. I think we may have found it in Scotland.

“We needed that weekend away, together with no distractions.

“Call it team gelling, call it male bonding; call it what you like, we needed it. We went to Scotland to collect four points, as I sat on the bus coming back I had those points and I’m still happy about that.

“We have injuries to Danny Meyers and Tylor Michel. But we hope to have Simon Ferguson in for the Cardiff home game on Saturday. A new player always gives you a boost. Ferguson is coming into a very good team that likes it self at the moment. The coach likes it as well.”