Sheffield Steelers: I’ll chop the British Bulldog!

Chris Frank - in a punch uo for Sheffield Steelers v Nottingham Panthers, earlier this year.
Chris Frank - in a punch uo for Sheffield Steelers v Nottingham Panthers, earlier this year.
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Former Steelers’ hard-case Chris Frank loved his time in Sheffield - but that won’t stop him giving his old team-mates a tough time next season.

Frank, currently playing for Melbourne Ice in Australia, will follow former coach Ryan Finnerty to Braehead Clan, in September.

Speaking from Down Under, the American said: “I really enjoyed my time in Sheffield. It was great to play in front of crowd of up to 8,000 fans on any given night.

“One of my favourite aspects was having that pressure to win every night. Every team wants to win but there are a select few that expect it, no excuses.

“The fellas in the locker room were great. When coming (into a new team) around the half-way point (December) you never really know how the guys will take to you. Fortunately I had the pleasure to sit with most of British guys in the locker room.

“They were a great group and not only represented the Steelers well but ie hockey in Great Britain.”

Frank, 27, said going to Clan was “no reflection on Steelers organisation.

“It was simply an opportunity to play for a coach that I work well with, and getting to continue my tour of GB doesn’t hurt either. I love playing against old teams. What I like most about it is hearing the boos from the same people who used to cheer you on.

“It just goes to show hockey fans are truly devoted to their teams, I respect that.

“Also, it’s always good playing against your buddies.

“I’ll be sure to give the ‘British Bulldog’ (Jason Hewitt) a chop on the ankle for all the times he chirped me and I had no rebuttal!”

The skater said playing in “Aussie-land has been really fun. Being classified as an amateur league it’s been nice to play hockey without the pressures of professional hockey. And the fact that there is no fighting is real nice too!”